Introducing TISEI: The first social network which serves its users. And not the other way around.

TISEI is the People Search Engine which automates the word-of-mouth process happening in the physical world. With TISEI, if you are looking for someone that you can really trust, you do not need to check with your friends and family anymore. By using TISEI, you can just find the right roommate, the perfect buddy to start something new or someone reliable to help you with chores or housework. As if you just got a recommendation from your inner circle, and with a single click.

However, what makes TISEI really special is that the privacy of our users is our top first priority.

We hear every day about increasingly frequent situations of pervasive surveillance performed by governments and large corporations alike, who make use of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies for their own purposes, not always being these purposes fully aligned with the best interest of individuals. Countries like China are building huge databases of their citizens and providing reputation ratings for each individual, counting on massive amounts of personal information collected from multiple types of data sources (including CCTV systems and IoT sensors all around) and processed in an automated fashion with AI and Machine Learning techniques. Such reputation information will be used to influence different aspects of a citizen’s life, for instance tax rates, credit access etc. Something similar is being performed by private corporations all around the world (mostly American, but not exclusively), who collect and process the personal data of their users and subsequently monetize it, feed it into state surveillance programs such as PRISM, or reuse it for purposes unforeseen by their users. In both cases, individuals have a little saying regarding the way in which their information is being processed and subsequently utilized, and for which purpose. In other words: we cannot control who is leveraging our digital identity, we have no visibility of the processing mechanisms and algorithms being used to extract insights out of our information and we cannot control who is ultimately accessing the information and for what purpose.

In TISEI we believe:

· That we individuals should have full control of our personal information, versus the current status where we cannot control our “identity bits” spread all around.

· That artificial intelligence algorithms should be developed by open communities being those as representative as possible of the user base, versus the current status where we have no way to influence algorithms and these are typically biased.

· That we individuals should have control of the final purpose for which our information has been processed, versus the current status where we know almost nothing about the way in which others will use the insights extracted from our personal data.

· That we individuals should be able to extract value and monetize our information ourselves and with full control, versus the current status where our personal information is leveraged by others.

Photo by Lance Grandahl on Unsplash

We are fully committed to make this vision a reality, and we need you for that. If you believe that humans have not only physical but also digital rights… if you believe on each individual’s birth right to privacy and not only in the physical but also in the digital sphere… if you believe in free will, in a world where we are likely to become increasingly manipulated…please join TISEI!.

We want to be the first social networks which serves its users. And not the other way around.